Vip Pump Supplements XTEND Original BCAA: The Only Post-workout You’ll Ever Need

XTEND Original BCAA: The Only Post-workout You’ll Ever Need


XTEND Original BCAA is the only post-workout you’ll ever need. It’s a scientifically formulated, clinically proven, and doctor-approved amino acid supplement that will provide your muscles with essential amino to help them recover faster after intense workouts. We guarantee XTEND Original BCAA will outperform any other product on the market because it contains 3x more leucine than our competitors’ formulas!

What Is XTEND Original BCAA?

Just as advertised, XTEND Original BCAA is the only post-workout amino that you’ll ever need. It contains a total of 11 grams of BCAA that will help with the growth and repair of your muscles after a hard workout. The powder mixes well in water and can be taken anytime during the day to help maintain lean muscle mass as well as stimulate mental focus throughout the day as it is an essential amino acid.

XTEND Original BCAA first came out in 2014 as a dietary supplement, however, it quickly gained traction as an explosive pre-workout alternative. This product is the only amino acid supplement on the market that has a clinical trial supporting its effectiveness and safety which you can read more about here. XTEND Original BCAA also holds a patent for stabilizing BCAA during production which makes it different from other brands on the market.

Why Is Original BCAA by XTEND the Only Post-workout You’ll Ever Need?

Why Original BCAA

A lot of people have chosen XTEND’s very own BCAA over other post-workout supplements for a lot of reasons. One is that the clinical trial and safety and effectiveness study that we mentioned above backs up not only its benefits but also safety. The ingredients in XTEND Original BCAA are all-natural and don’t contain any artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.

You can choose to take XTEND Original BCAA either on its own or mixed with other supplements such as pre-workout mixes or protein shakes. Some people like to add it to their post-workout protein shake so that after a hard workout they can recover faster due to an increase of amino in the bloodstream which means less sore muscles and more strength for your next gym session! And because most workouts require both mental and physical energy, you can also take this product whenever you need a mental boost without consuming additional caffeine.

Another rather impressive reason is that XTEND Original BCAA is very affordable. There are other brands on the market that will charge you twice as much for amino acid supplements with half the amount of BCAAs.

How Does XTEND Original BCAA Work in the Body?

XTEND Original BCAA is a post-workout supplement which means that its main goal is to help you recover faster after a hard workout by providing your muscles with the essential amino acids they need to grow. By taking this product after a workout, your body can begin repairing itself faster. This not only makes it easier to get back into working out again the next day but also allows you to work out more often making sure that your muscles are growing in size and strength!

Another reason why XTEND Original BCAA is superior to other brands of post-workout supplements is because of its 3x more leucine content than most other products on the market. Leucine is an important ingredient when it comes to building lean muscle mass which means that XTEND Original BCAA has three times as much leucine as any other brand on the market. Leucine is also one of three essential amino acids and is beneficial for increasing mental clarity and alertness during the day!

What Are the Positive Effects of Using XTEND BCAA?

There are a lot of positive effects that people will enjoy from using XTEND Original BCAA. The following are some of these awesome effects:

XTEND BCAA positive effects

Increased Lean Muscle Mass: XTEND Original BCAA offers the highest leucine content of any BCAA product available on the market.

Increased Energy: XTEND Original BCAA is also a very effective amino acid supplement that helps with mental clarity and focuses during the day which allows you to stay alert and energized throughout your workday or school day!

Improved Recovery: A workout can be so exhausting and it is important to recover as quickly as possible after a hard training session in order to perform at your full capacity next time and this is where XTEND Original BCAA really shines! Not only will you recover faster but you will be able to train more often increases muscle mass, strength, and endurance!

Enhanced Brain Function: If you are looking for a natural way to get rid of brain fog during the day, XTEND Original BCAA is an excellent choice. It will give you all the energy and focus that you need without any side effects or harmful chemicals!

Improved Mood: When your body is working hard after a tough workout it can be easy to feel fatigued and moody but with XTEND Original BCAA, this won’t happen because you will be able to recover faster while also staying completely energized throughout the day!

Better Sleep Quality: You work very hard at hitting that gym or training session every day so it’s important to get enough rest at night so you can wake up tomorrow ready for another intense workout. But what happens when you can’t get to sleep because of the stress at work or school? Well with XTEND Original BCAA, you will fall asleep easier and wake up feeling refreshed which means more workouts per week!

Increased Immunity: Finally, XTEND Original BCAA is an all-natural product that provides added support for your immune system when it is working a little harder than usual. So if you have a headache after a workout or sniffling going on it won’t last too long with this supplement!

Improved Athletic Performance: One of the most important things that XTEND Original BCAA helps you achieve is improved athletic performance. Since this product has been shown to help decrease fatigue and improve energy levels it is a great choice for people who play sports or enjoy working out!

What Are the Negative Effects of Abusing XTEND Original BCAA?

Just like any other product out there in the world, you should not be abusing XTEND Original BCAA. People who abuse this supplement by taking more than the recommended serving size every day may experience various side effects including:

Abusing XTEND Original BCAA

Increased heart rate: If you have a pre-existing heart condition, an increase in your heart rate could be extremely dangerous.

Tremors: Some people experience tremors when they take XTEND Original BCAA because it contains caffeine which is naturally used to help reduce fatigue and improve energy levels. However, if you are already sensitive to caffeine then this ingredient may cause more anxiety or stress than usual.

Headaches: Caffeine can also give some people headaches so if you are one of those people who strictly avoid all types of caffeine then this supplement may make you feel ill!

Insomnia: Even though the effects of XTEND Original BCAA tend to wear off after about four hours since taking it there are times where some users find that they can’t fall asleep at night because of it. This is why it’s important to follow the instructions on the label and take XTEND Original BCAA only in the morning or early afternoon so you can avoid this side effect!

Lessened libido: In some cases, XTEND Original BCAA has been shown to lower testosterone in men which can affect their libido. This may not be a negative effect on everyone but it is something that you should keep in mind before taking this supplement daily.

Increased anxiety or stress: If you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or if you are stressed out about something then XTEND Original BCAA may make your current situation even worse! This is because it contains caffeine and other natural stimulants that can make you feel jittery or on-edge.

What Are the Recommended Servings for XTEND BCAA?

To safely avoid the mentioned side effects above, you should take XTEND BCAA only in the recommended serving size which would depend on your physical fitness goal.

Building muscle mass: If you are trying to build muscle size and strength you should take four scoops of XTEND Original BCAA about 35-40 minutes before your weight training session.

Increasing endurance: Endurance athletes such as cyclists or runners may find that taking two servings on a daily basis can help them perform better overall.

Having more energy during the day: For those of us who hit the gym early in the morning then drink some coffee before heading out! You can still get all the benefits of caffeine without drinking it by taking one serving of XTEND Original BCAA instead since it is also high in this stimulant.

Cleaning out your system after a workout: After an intense workout, your body absorbs nutrients and helps repair damaged muscles at a faster rate than normal. If you are looking to improve recovery time and detoxify your body, taking two scoops of XTEND Original BCAA before or after your workout can help!

CrossFit training: Those of us who CrossFit on a regular basis need to make sure that we are consuming enough calories throughout the day to meet our strength training goals. One scoop of XTEND Original BCAA in the morning and one serving before you start your workout can help boost your energy levels during your WOD!

Weight loss: It’s recommended that you take XTEND Original BCAA for this purpose only if you are doing it alongside a proper diet that contains all the nutrients your body needs to function at 100%. You will still get an energy boost from this supplement but also remember that it’s not meant to replace the food in your stomach!

What Can Be Used With XTEND Original BCAA?

There are a ton of products that can be used together with post-workout supplements. However, here are the ones that best work together with XTEND Original BCAA:

XTEND Original BCAA combinations

XTEND Original BCAA + PRE-MADE PROTEIN SHAKES: Adding this supplement to your protein shake can help improve its taste and also give you an extra boost of energy throughout the day! This is why it’s best taken on days where you’ll be having heavy workouts or long cardio sessions since it will provide consistent energy levels.

XTEND Original BCAA + COCONUT WATER: If you want a healthy alternative to water, drinking coconut water with XTEND Original BCAA is a great way to rehydrate after a workout. It’s highly recommended that you drink coconut water at least 10 minutes before taking XTEND Original BCAA in order for it to be absorbed into your body properly! If not, then there’s a chance that it may just go into your bladder without being properly digested.

XTEND Original BCAA + COFFEE: If you can’t stand the taste of coffee then drinking XTEND Original BCAA with it will help. This way, you can still get the boost of energy that caffeine has to offer but don’t have to deal with an unsavory flavor! Be careful though if you’ve never had coffee before or haven’t used it for a while because taking XTEND Original BCAA could make you feel jittery at first!

XTEND Original BCAA + PINEAPPLE JUICE: Some people may prefer to drink fresh pineapple juice instead of coconut water after their workout. As long as it’s 100% pure pineapple juice then you can add it in with XTEND Original BCAA and reap the benefits of both!

The Legal Status of Original BCAA by XTEND

The company XTEND and its products are all legal and safe to purchase and use in the USA when bought from their official website or any of the retailers listed on their homepage.

The two main ingredients in XTEND Original BCAA are the amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine which are all naturally derived. The product has no known permanent side effects but it is recommended that you contact your doctor to discuss whether or not this supplement is safe for you to consume if you have pre-existing health conditions. It’s also best not to use this product alongside other supplements so always check the label before purchasing one!

Product Reviews for XTEND Original BCAA

XTEND Original BCAA reviews

  1. Newt Harris (May 7, 2021): When it comes to post-workout supplements, XTEND Original BCAA is the best one out there! I’ve tried everything under the sun and have even wasted money on products that were just knock-offs. It’s because of this that nowadays, I only do reviews for products I really feel are worth your money. When it comes to XTEND Original BCAA, you won’t be disappointed with using them after every intense workout session.
  2. Mandy Perkins (May 23, 2021): If you are looking for a legal alternative to steroids then look no further than XTEND Original BCAA! My husband used to take steroids before but ever since he started taking these pills instead, his steroid-free gains have been incredible! Plus, he says that his mood has improved drastically because now it’s easier to gain lean muscle mass without worrying about any side effects!
  3. Mike Long (May 30, 2021): I used to be very lethargic and never had enough energy to help me get through my workouts. That all changed once I started taking XTEND Original BCAA though because now I can work out for hours on end without getting tired! Overall, the best thing about this product is that it has no known side effects which makes it a much better choice than steroids or other types of supplements/drugs.
  4. Jamie Stanson (June 13, 2021): I’ve been using XTEND Original BCAA for nearly two weeks now and I think they are great! I can’t believe how much energy this product gives me when working out. This way, it’s easier to push through my workout even when I’m getting tired because it acts as a mental pick-me-up that reminds you why you need to put in the extra effort during your sessions.
  5. Lucas Blake (June 27, 2021): My wife has gotten really into fitness lately ever since she started gaining weight from stress at her job. She loves taking XTEND Original BCAA after her workouts because not only does it make her feel rejuvenated but it also helps with growing lean muscle mass which is something she struggles with quite often.
  6. Troy Stevenson (July 5, 2021): XTEND Original BCAA is the best product I’ve ever used and that’s because it not only works like a charm but it also has no known side effects. Before I used to take other supplements all the time and they always had long lists of potential negative effects which made me lose faith in using them. Ever since I started taking XTEND though, my workout sessions have been significantly more beneficial!
  7. Don Manning (July 20, 2021): If you happen to be looking for a safe and legal steroid alternative then look no further than XTEND Original BCAA! This product has helped me gain lean muscle mass faster than ever before and makes working out so much easier as well. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to get serious about working out!
  8. Ryan Sanders (August 3, 2021): When it comes to gaining lean muscle mass, XTEND Original BCAA is the best route you can take. I’ve been taking these pills for a little over a month now and have already noticed that my body has toned up quite a bit. Overall, I’m very happy with these pills and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get stronger by building lean muscle mass!
  9. Adam Stalls (August 29, 2021): XTEND Original BCAA really helped me become more powerful in terms of workouts and all that. I’m a Spartan racer so energy is a huge part of my daily routine! XTEND has really helped me increase my energy levels, which is exactly what I need before and after training and during races.
  10. Hannah Abbott (September 15, 2021): My boyfriend used to take steroids before but ever since he switched to XTEND Original BCAA he’s been getting the same results minus the side effects! He says that it’s easier for him to gain lean muscle mass without worrying about testosterone on top of all the other benefits these pills give him.

FAQs About XTEND Original BCAA

Is XTEND a legit company?

Yes! XTEND is a legal company that produces safe supplements that are intended to help athletes gain lean muscle mass, increase their energy levels, and improve their overall performance.

Is XTEND Original BCAA good for building lean muscle?

Yes! XTEND Original BCAA is great for increasing your strength which will allow you to push harder during workouts while also helping with gaining lean muscle mass.

Is XTEND Original BCAA legit?

Yes, XTEND is a legal and safe steroid alternative that produces great results for anyone who works out on a regular basis! By taking this product you will boost lean muscle mass

Conclusion and Summary

XTEND Original BCAA is a reliable post-workout supplement that you should definitely try if you’re an athlete who wants to gain lean muscle mass! Not only does this product work great but it’s also completely safe for your health which makes it even better than other supplements on the market.

What are your thoughts regarding XTEND Original BCAA? Please let us know in the comments below so we can discuss!

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